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in memory of Lynne O'Connell

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Lynne’s Kids mission is to provide children with ways to be active in sports, experience the arts, participate in cultural events, and have access to educational opportunities that will help them build positive life experiences.
Lynne’s Kids was established to honor the memory of Lynne O’Connell, an enthusiastic, compassionate, steadfast, legal advocate who worked tirelessly on behalf of children in crisis.  Lynne's work and dedication to the kids inspires the work we do.  Read more...
Good people ask us all the time, "How can we help?"  Lynne's Kids sponsors many community activities for our kids to take part in.  We have several fundraisers throughout the year.  Donations are welcome every day.  Come join us.  Read more...
Lynne's Kids sends students to the Wang Center
Lynne’s Kids sent 80 Connery School Students in Grade 5 to the Wang City Performance Center to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Connery School Principal Dr. Mary E. Dill and Social Worker, Laura McGaughey-Marquez made a special donation request for these students, as they  have been working very hard on their academic achievement, as well as their character, social skills, and community connectivity.