Lynne's Kids
A non-profit organization
in memory of Lynne O'Connell

Kids to be

Lynne's Kids mission is to provide children who are in licensed out-of-home care,  children involved with DCF and the Essex County Juvenile Court, as well as young adults (under 22) who are still in the care of DCF but have aged out of foster or residential care with ways to build positive life experiences that they would otherwise not have access to because of financial need. By making these opportunities accessible, we hope to instill a sense of self-worth and confidence that these children have a positive future and encourage activities that build social skills, character, a sense of success, and a connection with their community.

In honor of Lynne's memory, our Board meets monthly to consider applications made on behalf of  children in need.  Funds are distributed to meet a multitude of needs that range from educational expenses and support to extracurricular activities and expenses to clothing, travel, and even health and maintenance needs.  Lynne’s Kids also helps young adults in our target population that assist them in accomplishing their career goals by providing funding for testing, applications, and other fees.

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