Lynne's Kids
A non-profit organization
in memory of Lynne O'Connell

Kids to be

What we do at Lynne's Kids
Lynne’s Kids is a non-profit organization established to provide ways for children being served by the Department of Children and Families and the Essex County Juvenile Court to participate in sports, the arts, cultural events, educational opportunities and/or assist in providing these children with opportunities that would otherwise be unaffordable so that they can build positive life experiences. 

~ Lynne's Kids builds confidence ~

Lynne’s Kids helps children go to summer camp, cultural field trips, baseball games, purchases YMCA memberships, and provides commuting help to and from school.  We assist children in receiving needed therapies and medical equipment. Lynne's Kids makes it possible for students to attend prom,  afford the necessary testing and application fees for pursuing college, and purchases equipment needed for shop class at school,  

~ Lynne's Kids gives hope ~

Lynne's Kids enters the children's lives at a critical time. These children have been removed from their current living situation for their own safety. They start doubting themselves, fear for their future, and wonder if they are loved.  It's very hard for them to just be a kid. Lynne's Kids strengthens the families they serve by providing basic necessities, facilitating the reuniting of the family, and providing the children with the character building experiences they need to realize their potential as members of a community.

~ Lynne's Kids strengthens families ~

Our support does not end with placement of the children in a home.  It continues as the children get older and need help with overcoming simple things that may create roadblocks to moving on to higher education and a career, like testing fees, college application fees, conditioning to be in the armed forces, and tutoring.

~ Lynne's Kids cares ~